Web Content Development – Video Production & Editing

Collaboration Opportunity
Chicago, IL

GodKulture is a faith based conglomerate of professionals that use their creativity to change the world. Our vision is to operate as a network that empowers leaders, visionaries, artists, writers, business owners, activists and more to have more impact in their respective paths in life. We do this through the unique arms of GodKulture, namely: publishing, design and branding, platform development, event production, music production, and people development. If you are interested in being a part of this adventure, you are welcome to explore this opportunity further. Learn more about GodKulture here

The Cedars

We are looking for collaborators to revamp and maintain an online platform we are developing, called ‘The Cedars.’  ‘Cedars’ is a platform that displays what a relevant and inspirational life looks like for the millennial audience through different forms of creative expression, including writing, video, and photography. For the Spring of 2017 we are looking for creative, self-starters that will take on key roles as part of the team that develops creative content for the ‘Cedars’ platform. Learn more about The Cedars Platform here

Video Production & Editing

We are seeking individuals for the video production and editing needed to bring key segments of the ‘Cedars’ platform to life. They will spearhead production of ‘Meet The Cedar,’ a video segment that features inspiring creatives and brings their stories to life in a unique way. Additionally, they will spearhead production of ‘She Talks,’ a collection of short clips that inspire young women using the stories of others who have gone before them.

The ideal person will see this role as an opportunity to their build their portfolio of work. In this role, you will act as lead video producer for ‘Meet the Cedar’ and other mini digital videos. You will have creative freedom to bring the visual stories to life during production and editing, and to pitch creative ideas to improve things.

Key Tasks

  • Creatively develop visual stories that bring ‘Cedars’ featured on the platform to life
  • Develop unique ways of capturing content from women on ‘She Talks’
  • Contribute to pre production to conceptualize projects
  • Spearhead post production activities including video editing, compilation of image and sound, etc.
  • Collaborate with Creative Director and Editorial Planner to ensure that finished projects align with the vision behind the platform
  • Maintain communication with editorial planner to adhere to deadlines

Key Qualities

  • Experience in developing cohesive and inspiring digital visual stories
  • Experience with video editing software
  • Able to work in a project based environment
  • Able to bring creative ideas that result in strong emotional effect on viewers
  • Ideally, has access to own equipment

If you are interested in this role, please send an email briefly describing your background and style with links to sample work attached. Email: gkoffice@godkulture.org cc: aramide.creative@gmail.com

The team will be largely virtual in the planning phase for each visual story developed. The team will meet in person for both photo and video shoots and a few team meetings. As this is a largely virtual team, in person activities (video production, photoshoots, team meetings) will occur mainly on Saturday mornings. A content calendar will be provided to assist with planning