Your Greatest Blessing Is Hidden In Your Weakness

A collection of devotional series for women

“My grace is always more than enough for you, and my power finds its full expression through your weakness. So I will celebrate my weaknesses, for when I’m weak I sense more deeply the mighty power of Christ living in me. So I’m not defeated by my weakness, but delighted! For when I feel my weakness and endure mistreatment—when I’m surrounded with troubles on every side and face persecution because of my love for Christ—I am made yet stronger. For my weakness becomes a portal to God’s power” (2 Corinthians 12:9-11 TPT.)

It’s okay, you are human

How often do you feel you’re not doing your job right or that you could have done it better? How often have you been wanting to give up? -I have! More than once, and it’s okay-we are human. That’s when Jesus comes in: He knows we can’t do it on our own, nor rely on our strength and understanding; we are weak and it’s okay! We are made of flesh and bone. That’s why He was sent to us so that through him we could be saved, strengthened and secured; not the kind of strength you build curling your biceps at the gym or the kind you watch on UFC, but rather the one you find in your quiet place.  

Self-sufficient in Jesus sufficiency

My favorite verse from the bible says that you can do all things through Jesus who gives you strength (Philippians 4:13). In this verse, Paul is giving the Philippians the key; Jesus is the source of strength. Which leads me to prompt the next question: who are you drawing strength from? Are you letting frustration in your job, chaos in your family atmosphere, or challenges in your personal surroundings weigh you down?

Have you forgotten the promise that God made you in Hebrews 13:5? From the passion translation, God says “I will never leave you alone, never! And I will not loosen my grip on your life!” He also reassures you a safe place under his arms “Those who live in the shelter of the Most High  will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91:1)

“In the quietness, in the chaos, you are still God”

What is God trying to teach you in the chaos, in the solitude, in the wilderness? Jesus himself went through the valley, overcame many adversities, and through it all knew His father was always with him. “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”(Psalm 23:4.)-Be still and know that He is God.

Am I busy complaining about my life?

On the other hand, Heather Lindsey, author-writer-preacher-wife-super wonder woman and founder of Pinky Promise, stated in one of her thousands of YouTube  episodes on Dealing With Negative Emotions that “Focus on what God is doing in your life rather than focusing on what he needs to do in order for you to be satisfied”.  That was a wow pow straight to my spirit! But for real, ask God, what does he want to teach you this season? Remember, God is omnipotent, he sees it all, and he will order your steps. I believe whatever you are going through, The God who parted the seas, the one who sent the cloud, the one who brought death to life-will do it again! He is the same God yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8).

We are victorious

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Romans 8:37). God knows your heart; He made it. He wants your heart and all the rooms to be filled with him as you continually seek his kingdom; as you continually pursue him; as you seek him first, all the things you need will be added onto you. God wants you to be passionately involved in him, passionately serving him; to have your heart overflowing with his fullness as you give him the key to every place in your heart. He will come in, work his perfect will, and his perfect work in your life. He wants to be for you everything you need and give you his peace that surpasses all understanding to fill your heart and mind.

Key points

This week I challenge you to accept and take ownership of His word in your heart:

  • In my weakness I am made strong (2 Corinthians 12:11).
  • He will never leave me nor forsake me (Hebrew 13:5)
  • I will trust the Lord with all my heart and I will acknowledge him in everything I do (Proverbs 3:56).

Prayer of the week

Dear Jesus, help me to keep my confidence in you; to continue to fix my eyes on the eternal. To remember that you are the great I am, my source of strength, my peace-my song. I will not fear for I know you go before me. I am more than a conqueror in Jesus name. Amen!


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