Hillsong United’s new album Wonder has taken our ears by a gracious storm. So close your eyes and get alone with God. Give it a listen and let the rhythms marinate in you.

Hillsong’s newest album Wonder creates a pause, taking our eyes off the splintered conditions of our hearts. Make room today and allow Gods presence to dwell as your ears hear the praises of His people. Let the words resonate in your spirit and lift you to a deeper relationship with Him. Let God breathe life through the words of this Album.

The lyrics focus begins to shift from the wilderness of life to the Wonder of God. “You’re the wonder in the wild… I see the world in freedom.” Each song releases a new praise into the atmosphere. Each song breathes a new revelation and fresh insight into God’s character.

So, as we walk in the Wonder of Life, our perspectives shift to see Glimmers in the Dust. We begin to see Jesus turn Water into Wine and we move in the Shadow Steps of His grace. One step at a time our Futures will March In. He will Reign through the Splinters and Stones this life afflicts on us. So, stand tall when you tell the devil Not Today! Choose to fight for peace. Don’t let him take your Joy. Give God control to mold the Shape of Your Heart. Though fear and doubts surround you, stand in Wonder knowing that the Greatest of These is His unwavering love, love that is greater than 100 billion fears or worries. So, choose to fix your eyes on the Wonder of Gods love for you.

Give it a listen and let God speak.

Hillsong’s new Album Wonder is now available on Spotify and iTunes.

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