A little story about how this post came about. I had an idea to visually portray some of my past tweets. It just came to me out of the blue. So once God gave me the idea, I started tossing it around in my head…I thought about what tweets I would visualize, what I would wear, how I would get my hair done, etc. I finally decided on the style of outfit I would wear (the black dress you see in the pictures), and the sort of hairdo I would like (the number you see up top).

Here’s the thing: I didn’t actively set out to get any photography done. It just happened. I was at a training program for work, and while our class came to a close, one of my colleagues announced that she had a camera on site and was offering our class professional photos. I did need a professional photo. But on that day, I just happened to be wearing the exact style of dress and hair do that I had wanted to have in my ‘visual tweets.’ So I asked my colleague if she’d be open to doing a little more than a professional photo with me; and here you have it. God must have really been behind this idea.

To Elina Lin, a BIG thank you from me to you. See more of her photography – The World Through My Lens

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