Wasting Time on the Right Things?

Goooood Morning!

So, I haven’t made a post in a while….I’ve be been too frazzled to sit down and just write to clear my head. Anyway, I want to share a little epiphany I had this morning. I was reading a devotional about faith, and it says that without knowing it, your faith gives you the way out of every trouble and difficulty. However, “many believers pocket their faith and confront daily challenges by powerless self effort.” I thought about this for a little bit and realized that lacking faith is synonymous with wasting time…and lots of it.

Here is a basic example> I was studying the night before a test this week, and after a while, I felt ready for it. Out of sheer boredom, I flipped through what I had read so far and noticed there were some things that I did not know at all. I panicked, I sighed in frustration, and began studying again; but as I started the second round, something kept telling me – it’s okay. You’re ready. Move on to the next thing. I, however, decided to stay at it for a few more hours into the morning. I went into class that morning and realized I was over prepared. I had exerted so much self effort for nothing, when I could have been doing other more intriguing things, or just plain resting.

So what does this have to do with the bigger scheme of things? I wasted three/four hours relying on my own efforts. That’s an abundance of time in a college student’s day. I didn’t exercise faith and trust the voice that said I was ready to move on. This is such a painful learning lesson at times. Often, we need to move on to the next thing, but we may doubt and hold on to what we have because the “next thing” is foreign and unknown. But in the process, we can miss out on an opportunity to change our lives. We can miss out on the right timing to pursue our dreams. I may be getting a little lofty with my analogy, but to anyone that needs to hear this, myself included, – It’s okay. You are ready. It’s time to move on to the next thing. Don’t pocket your faith.

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