“Now, why would we want to do that?” That was my client lead’s response when I proposed an idea God put in my heart as a means to alleviate a stubborn problem in his organization.

My current project at work involves being the face of a key business unit for my client’s business partners. When I started the role in March, I encountered issues the business faces on a daily basis that slowed down my work tremendously. In fact, there were some days where I didn’t move forward one bit. It was frustrating. I kept trusting God for wisdom, and one day He put a solution in my heart that I took to my client lead. But the client didn’t buy it. He asked me to carry out an idea that he had instead. I wasn’t sure whether my reaction was wise at the time, but I simply said OK. We had done a bit of arguing in the past that I was trying to avoid this time, so I moved forward with his idea. This was in April.

Fast forward to a day in May. I was to facilitate a meeting with the organization’s leads, and my client lead and his bosses would be present. I had an agenda for the meeting but to be honest, the agenda was not intriguing. So I just prayed over the meeting, submitted it to God, and left for work. My day began with a phone call with a group of business partners; and they came to me with complaint after complaint about the business unit I was representing. Apparently, my client lead’s idea was not working for them. They needed another solution and they needed it fast. It was very clear to me that the idea God gave me originally would work.

I then decided to modify the agenda I had for my meeting with the organization’s leads. I would talk about this meeting with their business partners and once again, propose the idea that God gave me. As I prepared for the meeting a thought came to my heart: “this time, don’t just tell the idea you have in your heart but show it.” I hadn’t done that when I originally presented it to my client lead. So I found ways to visualize how the idea would look when it came to life, and I took the plan to the team lead meeting.

The result? The other leads, especially my client lead’s boss, liked the idea. He went on to plan a meeting with his lead business partners where I would propose the solution to them. Though my client lead tried once again to challenge the idea, he eventually had to side with it seeing that it had gained momentum. He then began to work with me to bring God’s idea to life.

Big learning lessons for me. I see just how practical and involved God wants to be in my daily affairs. But even then, there will be opposition when He puts ideas in my heart. The key is not to give up when it comes, but to stick to his plan because that’s the plan that wins. It’s now execution time for this idea. As we move forward, I must continue to rely on God’s wisdom in case any other twists and turns may come up.

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