*Night – a period of obscurity and ignorance

In the night, a young man of promise pledges allegiance to a band of masked men. He exchanges his one-in-six-billion identity for that of the group. He exchanges his one-of-a-kind brand for the one they impose on his skin. He exchanges his name for the one that they give him. He does not realize how powerful his mouth is. He does not know that what he calls himself, he will eventually be. He does not know he is slowly but surely killing his worth with his mouth.

In the night, a young girl strives to achieve her dreams by her own strength. She finds partners who give her sweet promises and allege their devotion. She could not see that they would only be around for the good times. In the night, they leave her stranded in the thick of the hard times. Her mind spent, her body spent, she realizes she had given her pearls to swine.

In the night, a girl gives herself to someone she believes she loves. He had said all the right words, and had done all the right things. In the night, she believed her gift would secure his heart. But when it was all said and done, his heart was still hardened. Though it was still night, she managed to see him for who he really was. This time, his gold had chipped, and his diamonds had paled. But it was still night – her heart was caught and she could not see. She could not see that Christ has loved her more than he loved himself; so she remained adrift with the thief in her heart.

In the night, the youths flood the clubs, the bars, the places where the devil dances. They let down their guard, and get comfy in his sweet, seductive arms. In the height of their pleasure, he robs them of their potentials, their worth, their time. They do not know that this kind of robbery is worse than death itself.

In the night, even those who claim Jesus join the devil on the dance floor. They do not know that he is particularly pleased because they accepted his invitation. With them, he not only dances, but he feasts and devours the seed they got the Sunday before. They came in to the party with a hint of light, but he snatches it and leaves them with perpetual darkness. In the end, they wonder why their lives have no spark that separates them from the others.

In the night, the youth do not know that they are created for more. They do not know that they are a gift to their world. They are unaware that they are the answer to someone’s groaning. In the night, they do not know that they are leaders of today, not tomorrow. And so, in the night, they stay adrift – without purpose, without impact.

The man who walks in [the night] does not know where he is going (he is drifting). John 12:35

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