The Man Gideon: A Victim Turned Victor (Week 8)

Week 8: You have the victory, because of who lives in you.


Scripture/Memory Verse: Judges 6:12 – 7:25

Synopsis:  In the last entry of the Gideon devotional, we get to see how God’s mighty strength conquers all.

Over the past 7 weeks, we have studied how a man that was once a victim suddenly became a man of valor.There is a popular saying that “do not bring a knife to a gun fight”. Well, Gideon and the 300 decided to take trumpets, empty jars, and torches to a sword fight. By all standards, that decision was illogical but Gideon was keen on obeying God and following His instructions to the letter. They must have looked like a bunch of choristers heading to a concert, but in this case, they were headed to battle. The trumpet is an instrument of praise. There are times when we think we need a sword to fight certain battles, meanwhile, all God requires of us is praise. If God orders the steps of a leader, those that God has put under Him will believe in His vision. When a leader serves God and His vision, people will begin to follow Him.

Complacency is one of the greatest enemies of destiny;

complacency is stunted potential

Fear overpowered the Midianites. God made a lot of them kill one another and caused the others to flee. The 300 never lifted a sword, they blew the trumpets and carried out Gideon’s instructions. It is essential to know the right people for a job because you cannot always do everything on your own. You must know when to bring people on board. When the world begins to see results, many will start to believe in you. Gideon pressed on regardless of how tired he and his troops were. A true leader must invest in his vision and live by example. 

Gideon knew that God would surely fulfill His promise; he knew that the army that fled must be defeated; so, he went after them. Complacency is one of the greatest enemies of destiny; complacency is stunted potential. He was resolute in seeing the Midianites defeated and God eventually delivered the two Kings of Midian into his hands. Gideon’s mission seemed like a suicide mission but at the end, the vision spoke. Just like every hero in the Bible, God took Gideon from a zero to a hero, but lets us not forget that God is the Ultimate HERO!

Prayer: Glory to You Lord! Thank You for allowing me to make it four months into this new year and for all the Glory that has come upon me. Thank You for how things will always get better, though it may not look or feel as such, You are faithful.

Action Plan: Last activity to complete for the Gideon devotional.

  1. With those entries that you made for the last eight weeks reflect on the words that you wrote. Note the things that surprised you or encouraged you, has there been any changes within you from this eight-week devotional? Make sure to share it using the information below, stay encouraged!

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