Thoughts in a Spontaneous Moment

God, when I think about it, the way you are just doesn’t make sense. Nothing is common about what you do. I sit in the airplane and look out my window. I look out yonder and I see mountains of clouds. Up here, they look like skyscrapers in the air. I look to the right and I see the glow of the sun poking through the clouds, giving everything beneath a misty halo. It’s beautiful…and I marvel. 

Were I to be standing on the earth, the terrain would be much different. I would see mountains of rock  in the distance; and skyscrapers of brick and glass towering over me. Were I to be on the seas, things would still look different. I would see mountains of waves crashing against each other; and blue beds of water traveling to meet the sun at the horizon. This was all your plan. It doesn’t make sense – you are TOO BIG to contain.

Yet you are in me, working on the inside just like you have done on the outside. We make music together. First we start with a ballad. It’s smooth; it’s sweet. You inspire the words of the song – spontaneous. And I just follow you right along. What else would I do? Then in my heart, you play the trumpet. This trumpet purrs – it’s new. You give me the me the beat of drum: Tot – tot -tot; and the song changes tempo…all inside of my heart. And then you switch things up again – this time we’re doing country music. Country music with a kiwi feel. All inside of my heart, and you created it.

Then, we move from song to prose. You make my hands the hands of a ready writer. Then I listen to you as you form the sentences in my mind. All I do is write them down, like a copycat. What else would I do? I wait, I hear, I write. In one sitting you have take me from marveling, to singing, to writing. You have that spontaneous romance that all the gals look for. And you give it all to me free, free, free. You are TOO BIG to contain.

Yet you are in me, making beauty from the inside out. You stir me up unexpectedly; my time isn’t mine. Yet I don’t mind. Lovers don’t ask for permission to see each other. The way you are doesn’t make sense, yet I can I trust you totally. You are unpredictable, but I can trust you totally. You are spontaneous. I may not know where you are taking me at times, but I can bet it’s always good…always good.

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