What to Do With Danger

I remember an emotion packed moment on my flight back from Nigeria to the United States last year in August. We had been in the air for only a few minutes and then we hit turbulent weather. At first the plane shook in response to the weather; then, it suddenly dipped. In that split second, it felt like we were about to go down. I heard gasps across the room. I think in that one moment, a number of people had imagined that the worst was about to happen.

I prayed. And as I prayed, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a scripture. In this scripture, Jesus had embarked on a journey with his disciples by boat. At some point in the journey, a windstorm developed and troubled the boat to the point of filling the boat with water. Afraid, the disciples called on Jesus, who was asleep in the back. Jesus in turn awoke, ‘rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace be still!” And the winds died down after.

I in turn spoke to the weather, and declared, “to every turbulent wind disturbing this plane, peace be still in the name of Jesus.”  I repeated this a couple of times and the turbulence died down. You may laugh. But it worked. We started smooth sailing, and I eventually fell asleep. In that moment when I could have responded in fear, God gave me a WWJD moment (What Would Jesus Do?), and I followed suit.

I write this to encourage anyone out there that is going through a difficult storm in life – even to the point where you feel like you are in danger. It may not be a literal storm, but a trial in a relationship, at work, at school, in your health, etc. If you really do believe in Jesus, remember that there is power in His name. And you can declare, “Peace be still!” concerning that situation. Let God show you what He says about your case through His word (the Bible). He is 100% willing to do so! And you win by believing His word, and declaring it over that situation.

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