I am looking at images of a life gone by – pictures of her youth, frozen forever in time. She lived a life well spent, according Heaven’s records. But secretly, in a place of solitude, she slipped away from our tight grips of hope, and on to eternity.

I study the images of her in her prime. A beautiful gal, she was. I look at her skin – taut and smooth, her eyes – bright and sharp, her jaw – feminine yet strong. Then I remember her latter years. Indeed, her brilliance and passion were still there. But they were hidden behind wrinkles sunk deep into her skin, and eyes weakened by age. They were carried by legs and ankles, too worn to move with the same energy.

It is so easy to look upon  the elderly, and forget that they were once young and radiant like you. I think of my skin – taut and smooth, my eyes – bright and sharp, my jaw – feminine yet strong. And I realize that I won’t enjoy them forever. A note to self, and whoever will listen: Don’t get caught up in the days of your youth. They are, indeed, filled with promise, but absolutely fleeting.

…Spend them wisely…



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