New South American Band arising! Know AD3 Band.


AD3 is a Christian band of contemporary-pop rock-ballad, formed by Neftaly, Eliud, and Ocmaly; three siblings who since 5, 4 and 2 years old respectively, started a great journey along the path of music.

It was in the 90s, from their hometown, in the region of Barlovento, Venezuela, when their parents Magali and Octavio Sierra discovered the incredible talent of those children, and it did not take long to confirm what, without a doubt, was a total success: the family band “Nueva Alegría” “New Joy”, which little by little performed in multiple cities in the country and even years later, to several cities in the US. The Sierras presented in different cultural and ecclesiastical activities, which left everyone who had the opportunity to enjoy their presentations open-mouthed, since talent, anointing, and charisma overflowed in each one of them.


In the 2000s, dreams and projects were accentuated in the hearts of the Sierra siblings, so they decided to extend their flight and go to the Capital Caracas Venezuela, where they studied music in conservatories and in the university. In 2009, Eliud obeys the call of God and creates together with his siblings a musical ministry that exceeds expectations. The quality, professionalism, and vision join the harmony that interlaces their voices to create what now is AD3. Listening to them is like climbing into a third dimension! It’s like reaching the third heaven being on earth!


Since 2016 the recordings of their first promotional single began.

In 2017 was the release of their album EP Tu Gracia. They also released 3 video clips: Video lyrics of their song “Tu Gracia”, acoustic video of their song “Real en mi” and a video Feat cover with Kike Lopez, main vocalist of the Mexican band Virtud DC.

Additionally, they had a successful tour around different countries of South America and Central America like Colombia, Panama, Mexico, the USA and Ecuador, where they visited important media TV and Radio, among them TBN, the largest Christian tv broadcast in the world.

Earlier this year, in March 2018, they released their album Tu Gracia on all digital platforms, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, among others. Later in May, they released the official video clip of their 2017 promotional song Tu Gracia.

AD3 have been presented in different scenarios in different countries such as Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and the United States.

In July 2018 AD3 released, with its video clip, “Estabas Tú”, the new single of this famous band. This video clip has had an important success in all TV Broadcasts of Venezuela as well as in Christian TV Broadcasts around the globe, such as Enlace TV and TBN TV.


As part of their achievements, AD3 banda was awarded in June by the Tacarigua of God International Awards as the ‘Christian Musical Band of the year’ in their event called Yara the Best. In this event, celebrities of Venezuela and different countries in South America were also awarded in different areas: music, acting, tv, journalism, among others.

On July 20th2018 AD3 was nominated by the Mara de Oro Venezuela International Awards, where they were awarded by this prestigious Awards as the number one Venezuelan Christian band with national & international outreach.

This Christian band is nominated to awards in Venezuela such as Arca awards and Tacarigua de Oro Awards to be due in November 2018.

AD3 banda is influenced by various music artists: in the music area, they’re influenced by the Mexican band, Camila. They love the music arrangement and the vocals they do. They also have been influent by different Christian artists or companies such as Hillsong, Evan Craft, Ingrid Rosario, Jesus Culture, among others.

They are devoted to God and they want to keep serving God with their talent and also to share the love of God to people around the world.

AD3 means in Spanish (adoración de 3) which translate adoration or worship of three.

This new single Estabas Tú  “You were here” was written by Eliud, the main composer of the band.  The song talks about the fact that sometimes people live with struggles, but we have to remember that God is always there with us, even though we can’t feel it or see it, even though we try to seek him and it seems he is not there.

Be blessed with their voices as you listen to their latest release “Estabas Tu.”

Ecclesiastes 4:12 NLT: “Someone who is alone can be attacked and defeated, but if there are two, they stand back to back and overcome; better still if there are three, because a triple rope does not cut easily. “





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