Lucia Bracho ministers at Seyi Alesh LIVE Concert (Houston)

Wow! Houston was an amazing and refreshing experience for Lucia Bracho. It was a time of worship and ministering! She had the opportunity to share the platform with incredible and anointed artists such as Seyi Alesh, Tomi Favored, Prince Purposed, Palmira at the Seyi Alesh Live event!

“Being able to share the heart behind the songs with 500+ people and lift the name of Jesus was breathtaking!” Lucia said, “Houston, we definitely crossed some mountains!! I’m excited to be back and Cross some more!”

In addition, Lucia Bracho shared a message titled “Broken Vessel” with the audience. The core of that message was that “…you are called, you are a broken vessel. And it is in your brokenness and what you call imperfection that God can be glorified.”

Being a true South American, she also ministered what is going to be her first Spanish Single “En tú amor”, which means “In Your Love.” It’s within the Father’s love that you find who you truly are.

About Seyi Alesh

Seyi Aleshinloye, commonly referred to by his stage name, Seyi Alesh, is a worshipper that loves God who displays his heart and gratitude with the vocal breaths he infuses into his saxophone.

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