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Jesus culture recently released their new album, “Love Has a Name”, a playlist of worship and reverence of Gods glorious love – a love that is tangible and a love that is freely given to us.

The songs inspire you to declare His name and see His love manifested in your life. This album radiates adoration and praise for our King and tells of how the power of His love changes everything.

Gods greatest gift to us is an unlimited supply of His great love. A love that comforts, one that overcomes all fear and worry.

Jesus culture’s latest album truly floods the atmosphere with Gods spirit. This love is not ours for us to only hold onto and keep for ourselves but to share with all those we encounter.

God’s command to us is to love. Just love. To walk throughout our days knowing we are loved and to flood this earth with all Jesus died to give us.

Let the words run through you as His love becomes ever-present.

The song “However You Want” on the album breaks down all the boxes we place on God, inviting Him to enter all aspects of our life however He wants.

I dare you to take the limits off today. Allow God to invade all areas of your life and watch His love take over.

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