We have GPS in our cars, phones and even in our watches yet we find ourselves lost in many situations in our life.

I believe that in every person that crosses our way, there is a soul that craves to see a light in the darkness. As Christians, we have that light in Jesus and his word, yet it feels like today we can’t touch anyone with the word, and this is ultimately affecting our identity in Christ.

Identity Crisis is one of the most challenging, and sensitive issues that the Christian people are facing as we speak.m We have joy in our hearts because of what Jesus has done for us and we want to share it with others, but every single time we try to talk about God, people bring up history and the bad things Churches and Christians have done in the name of God. This tainted image instills fear in us as we try to share our journey with Christ to others. It feels as though we had lost the argument before we even started. But, I believe despite everything, there is still hope. If we want our words to have the power to touch these craving souls, and help them see the light in the darkness, we need first to preach by example.

Actions speak louder than words and if we don’t walk the talk, our ministry won’t go too far away. We can’t make a difference if we are not living a holy life.

How important is it for us to know God’s plan for our lives?

We need to develop a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. This can be attained through reading the gospel, praying and worshipping God. By doing this, we learn how to hear His voice and how to do His will.

What are our life priorities?

Staying sharp or feeding ourselves needs to be done every day. (Hmm… feeding ourselves with what? What does it mean to stay sharp? You may want to be specific? )

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.” John 1:12

So many people need Jesus. People from our city need God’s grace and love now, more than ever. and yet they drown in the lies and myths that satan spread about the Gospel. YOU can be the light!

Dear reader, I want to encourage you today to take action. Ask God to open your eyes and you will see how many hurt people you come across every that if you stop, talk to them and share how Jesus changed your life, how now he is taking all the hurt, and making your life better, maybe just maybe by you sharing the you might have won a soul for heaven.

About the Author

Emanuel Cristian Niciu is the founder and owner of Skyline Development, LLC, an innovative and committed construction company that brings all residential and commercial visions to life.

With over 13 years of experience, Emanuel has and continues to provide outstanding services to his clientele – from his trustworthy team members in his office and those out in the field. He is motivated by seeing his clients happy with the final outcome of their projects.

Along with his many years of construction knowledge, Emanuel is also passionate about his Used Automotive Parts company, Essential Parts, Inc. Providing his customers with reliable, honest, and clean auto parts – Emanuel strives to help those in need of parts at competitive and reasonable prices. His passion is helping those in need, and making sure the last thing he sees is a smile on his clients’ face!

Emanuel, above all, is a husband and father – the most important title he has! He loves to spend time with his two boys, Mark and Lucas, along with his wife, Adela. He is dedicated and passionate about the outdoors, golfing, boating, traveling, and most importantly, his walk with God.

“The blessing of the Lord in your life is directly proportional to your involvement in His work.”
– Emanuel Cristian Niciu

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