Dr. Temi Odejide, Pastor of House on the Rock London, releases a new devotional titled “Insight”

Your insight into situations, circumstances and people governs how you respond and live. There is nothing more important for a Christian than to have insight into the Word of God – the Bible. It is our manual for living.

Peter says we have been given all things that pertain to life and godliness and are now partakers of the divine nature through knowledge and by the exceeding great and precious promises given to us (2 Peter 1:2-4).  These promises and knowledge are all found in the Word of God but are often not seen without insight. Insight is vital.

Insight is a daily devotional designed to demystify the truth of God’s Word and bring it into practical application in the life of the reader. It is truly biblical inspiration for daily living. Simple and short to read and understand daily but crafted to keep the reader meditating all day long.

We asked the author about his inspiration for writing.

“I have blogged devotionals on an almost daily basis since early 2012. This had been a great blessing to the recipients and also to me. Very early on, many said, and I knew, that the devotionals needed to go to the printed page. Finally, I got my sense of release to start putting the devotionals to the printed page in late 2018. It was simply time. Though some would say it was overdue.” He said, and continued, “My passion has always been about delivering insight into the Word of God and bringing revelation into practical application. I believe this devotional does just that.”

Get a copy here.

About the Author:

Temi Odejide is a medical doctor turned pastor, teacher and preacher of God’s Word. His core passion since meeting the Lord in his youth has been the demystifying of truth to bring it into practical application in day-to-day living. He is a man of many parts but his teaching gift excels above others. He is a pastor, teacher, preacher, motivational speaker, author, leadership expert, coach, mentor, forward navigation strategist and much more. He is the serving Resident Pastor of House on the Rock London. He is happily married to Abisoye and they have three wonderful children.


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