I Just Want to be Successful

For those of us with success on our minds:

I watched this speech by Eric Thomas, Academic Advisor at Michigan State University, and nodded in agreement all the way through. I think it will strike a chord with a lot of people. While success, or better yet, money, may not be the focal point of some people’s minds, it’s the reason we all do certain things – go to school, study, work, sacrifice, etc. Let’s be honest with ourselves, anyone that tells you they do not want money is lying to you – feel free to comment if you disagree. What matters, however, is how you go about achieving it. By this, I am not just saying that you should be moral in achieving success – it’s a lot deeper than that. I wrote in my last post that every good and perfect gift [prosperity included] comes from the Father of heavenly lights (James 1:17). Pay attention to the phrase “good and perfect.” Our achievements should not come with the downfalls that tend to follow a lot of successful people – this is the point that I feel the video fails to make. So, if there just so happens to be any “good thing” in our lives that comes with even the slightest potential for trouble, it is not from God.


Now, you may have the idea that God does not condone wealth. So why listen to this anyway, right? I used to think the same way too. But, maybe a couple of verses may help in this case:

I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit,

Who leads you in the way that you should go” Isaiah 48:17 [Amplified version]

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know” Jeremiah 33:3

“With me [God’s wisdom] are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity” Proverbs 6:18

I think it is safe to say that these verses completely negate that idea. But, the promises laden within them are for those who believe in Him and accept Him into their hearts. Note to self: Ask God for unsearchable things you do not know.



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