He Thought She was What He Saw

Her body sixteen pounds lighter from the beatings of her past, she wore clothes three times her size to cover its awkwardness. The girl kept people at bay because she did not want to be let down again. She was recovering from her clash with a brick wall. Thus, in her dealings, she was fragile, insecure… trying to figure things out. But she had vowed that she would never be the same again.

This was the girl God decided to make his personal project. At this point in her life, she had no idea of what He was molding her to be. She did not know that He would completely free her from her addictions. She had no concept of the ideas He would later speak into her ear; no awareness of the great plans he had for her. Boy, was she in for a ride.

While she was yet in this caterpillar phase, she met a young man at a gathering place. She had an inkling, or perhaps a hope, that he was her knight, her one. But he was often surrounded by the opposite sex. The way to get his attention was to give in, just like they did; but she dared not betray the God that was working on her. So even though she cared for him, she knew she had to keep her distance.

Little did the young man know that God was brooding over her. However, he did not walk in the Spirit, so he had no access to a divine warning, saying “My son, look at her…watch her bloom…give her time.” He had no knowledge of the valiant woman that God was molding her to be. To make his choice, the man could rely only on his eyes, his brain, his body, which are all too lowly to conceive God’s plan on their own. He looked at her, and he judged that she was just what he saw: a skinny, unsure, awkward, and uptight woman…altogether unattractive. So he set his eyes on the ones that would give in.

But some time after, God’s work began to speak in this young lady. It spoke so powerfully, that even she could not hide it…and the young man noticed. She was bold, strong, assured, and beautiful. He was not sure what it was that had changed her, but he was attracted to it. So he watched and  he studied, and he decided that she was indeed a jewel. He reached out to her, made his cliché passes at her. But it was now too late. She knew they served two different masters, who could not be reconciled. She had to move on.

The young man had to settle for another woman – a sub-par choice. She had no regard or understanding of the King inside of him. He would later become aware of this. But every time he saw the jewel, he always remembered her as the one he was too blind to see.

A note to the young men: In your quest for that ONE, do not allow your eyes / your feelings / your body to make the decision for you. They will only make a below average choice. Rely instead on God. He will give you what and who is best for you, if only you will follow Him – Genesis 2: 18

A note to the ladies: This applies to you too. Switch the roles.

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