When God Healed My Blood Disease II

Continued from When God Healed My Blood Disease I

The Supernatural

Here I was, battling a blood disease. Scary things happened along the way; but at every moment, God gave me assurance that He was always with me. I had gotten to a point where I was too weak to take care of myself. I rose up one morning, and I as I got ready for the day, I lost consciousness and slumped to the ground in my mother’s arms. Everyone around me was in a panic, but while I was slumped on the ground I heard very loud and intense prayer. I have no words to describe it – it was high pitched, and it sounded like an auditorium of people were praying for me. This sustained me until I came to.

Another day. I was in the middle of a treatment and my body suddenly started convulsing. The nurse, having only orders to give me the treatment, looked at me with a blank stare. She was worried, but was also hesitant to stop the treatment – because she didn’t have orders to end things mid-treatment. My mom and I began to pray, my body trembling and all. A few minutes later, the doctor came in and ordered the nurse to stop treatment.

I was sitting on a bed on yet another day, while a nurse prepared me for treatment; and God suddenly began to minster laughter to me. Literally, I went from staring blankly at the nurse to laughing hysterically. The nurse felt the need to save himself. He said to me, “I swear, I only gave you Benadryl!” He waved the medicine bottle in my face. “See, look….It’s only Benadryl!” That made me laugh even more. I grabbed his hand, looked him in the eyes and said “This isn’t you. This is God.” I continued with laughter. Then I began to cry. I realized I had not smiled or laughed since I had gotten the diagnosis – this was a couple weeks into the ordeal. A proverb says that a joyful heart is good medicine. Here God was, giving me what I needed most at that point in time. His love is sweet.

Another day (sorry if I gross you out here). A nurse told me that because of the disease, it was very likely that my period would last up to a month. I could have accepted his words quietly, bur really, who wants to be on her period for a month?  I got busy with my mouth. When my period came, I spoke to my womb and said, “In Jesus name, I give you four days!” For the first two days, it looked like the nurse was right. But on the fourth day, my period left. And since then, it hasn’t dared to stay longer than four days. Now this is coming from someone whose time of the month usually lasted closer to a week. That’s the power of God.

More to come…

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