When God Healed My Blood Disease III

Continued from When God Healed My Blood Disease II

The Results

It had been almost two months since I got the diagnosis. I was now able to walk and take care of myself, but my body was still recovering. My blood counts had been skirting around the normal range, but they were not quite there; so the doctor I was working with would not let me go quite yet. He also refused to remove the tubes they had originally attached to my body in the hospital. “Just in case,” he had said. But, I continued to stand on God’s word concerning my health.

I was in prayer with my family one morning, and a scripture suddenly struck a chord in my heart. The story: A Roman centurion approached Jesus on the street one day, pleading with Jesus to heal his bed-ridden servant at home. He had said to Jesus, “just say the word and my servant will be healed.” In other words, the centurion believed that Jesus didn’t even need to come to his house, where the servant was. Moved by the man’s faith, Jesus said, ” As you have believed, let it be done for you.” And his servant was healed in that very hour.

It dawned on me that whatever I believed about my body would happen to me at that very moment. So I declared that morning as the end of blood counts that were not quite there. I also declared that the doctor would remove the tubes attached to my body in the coming week. This was on Saturday. My next visit to the doctor was on the next Wednesday – I did my blood test as usual, and the doctor saw that my blood counts were seated comfortably in the normal range. He then looked at my body and said, “let’s get these tubes off of you.”

One more thing…

I share this part because I want my testimony to encourage people – especially those who find themselves having to take medicine  in a fight for their health. Throughout this season I was on a high dosage of steroids – I had to ingest a high dose of steroid pills daily, and when I went to the daily treatments, they would put even more steroids in me. Let me just say this: a large dosage of steroids plus my tiny little body is a bad combination.

For one, the steroids caused severe insomnia – I was sleeping at 2 AM and waking up at 5 AM. My body was constantly lethargic. I was also eating like a horse (at least 6 meals a day) and I gained almost 20 pounds in a span of two weeks. I was mentally sluggish; sometimes I found myself having strange thought patterns that made me uncomfortable. I was easily aggravated by little things. There were days that I would just collapse in my mother’s arms and cry like a baby. I felt like I was losing my mind – it was too much.  But God helped me here too.

I relied on prayer. And  eventually, I noticed that even while I was still on  the steroids, my appetite went back to normal – 3 meals a day. I was also back to sleeping normal hours, and the mental disturbances left.  A phase came when the doctor began to reduce the steroid dosage little by little. I was an obedient patient, still using the steroids. But one day I had a strong revelation of my healing; and I asked myself “why am I still using this?” I took the medicine bottle and flushed the pills down the toilet. I wasn’t trying to make a point; nor was I being emotional. I was just moving on faith…

And Things Turned Out Okay

It’s been over year since then, and I stand totally healed. I thank God for giving me a loving family that never left my side in that season. It sure helps to be surrounded by love in a time like that. Love has power to heal. But even more, this season showed me just how powerful the word of God is. I’ve heard people lightly call the Bible ‘the good book.’ It’s way more than that. I was able to overcome this disease and everything it came with – only because I had the word of God.

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