Do you know someone that astonishes you with how gifted they are? I think every one us has this kind of person somewhere in our lives; and if not, the media has an ocean of examples to offer. Some people are adept in just about every creative form there is. Others’ strengths lie in their intellect, while certain people have a unique ability to magnetize a crowd. The people that really stun me, however, are the ones that are able to do so much with little resources. I take an example from fashion – a field that I have a healthy love for.

As creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has had too much to offer his followers from season to season; and throughout the 37 years he has held his position, his inspirations remain the same: quilted leather, pearls, and tweed. Now this is not to say that he never adds other elements to his work; but these are tools that always drive his collections. When asked how he does it, he says proudly, aloofly, “I design as I breath…you don’t ask to break, it just happens!” I figure only fashion heads will understand what I am talking about, so here is a visual to give you an idea:


Karl Lagerfeld


We all have certain people that blow our minds when they do their work. I think it is safe to say that as we live in a time where possibilities are endless, society ascribes a Godliness to gifted people (and to famous people, but that’s another topic entirely). Lagerfeld, for example, has a slew of people that will kill just to breathe the air around him. Both men and women court his presence, and feel a sense of entitlement when he acknowledges them. I myself, I think the man is a GENIUS. But in hindsight, I know that if the extent to which one uses his gifts gain him only earthly prizes, then all his efforts are worthless. Here is why:

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows – James 1:17

This is a loaded verse. The first thing that pops out to me about is that we do not pick our gifts. We do not come to earth choosing to be musically talented, athletically superior, or what have you. God himself decides what we are and He entrusts these things to us. What remains is what we on earth decide to do our God given gifts. Do we glorify ourselves with them, or use it to glorify Him, and lead other disciples into His kingdom?

More on this coming soon.

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