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Find Your Passion. Do What You Love!


Find Your Passion

Today you may have a desire to write a book, write a song, go back to school, work or start your own Fortune 500 company, but you may not know where or how to start. Self-discovery is part of our continuous self development. Self-discovery never ends and it always begins by finding what you are passionate about. 

Your heart desires or life-clues as I like to call them, work as your inner GPS.  Knowing your passion doesn’t mean you have found your purpose in life, but it will direct your unique talents and skills to the areas that you love and care about. It will give you clarity and a better understanding of where you are today. where to go and want to go next!

Passion vs Purpose 

Finding your heart desires (passion) will only give you a sense of purpose but is does not mean you have found or know your purpose. Sensing what your purpose may be in life means that you have become aware you were created for something bigger than to just find what you are passionate about, but when you know your purpose, you can articulate the reason you were created for can visualize yourself doing nothing else! 

Take away

Knowing your purpose will help you answer bigger questions such as, why am I here? Why was I created for? 

Following the right life-clues (heart desires)  will give you answers to some of those big picture questions about purpose but remember that passion is not your purpose! 

Time to Reflect: 

  1. What are you really passionate about?
  2. Can you describe your passions as controllable or uncontrollable?
  3. What are all the current passions? 
  4. Describe where your current passions are taking you? 
  5. Are your current passions telling you about what is important to you?
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  • Maria Esmeralda Rodriguez is the Membership Director at GodKulture, (GK). She likes to be called Essy, a nickname given by her dear friends. Essy specializes in Faith-Based- Community Development Programs, and Initiatives. She has a heart for the underserved. While being a full-time student at DePaul University, Essy found a not-for-profit organization called Thrivent Financial where she found a faith-based platform that gave her the opportunity to nurture her purpose and do community outreach. It was through her work at Thrivent Financial that she found GodKulture. At GodKulture, Essy is actualizing her purpose. At GodKulture she wears more than one work-related hats allowing her to exercise Leadership Coaching which she is passionate about. She always looks forward to being continuously challenged to grow professionally, in her personal love, and her personal faith walk. One of her favorite times at work is when she gets to meet one-on-one with members, and volunteers, and nurture long term relationships.

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