Facing Rejection: Opening the Window of His Love

A collection of devotional series for women

I want to share with you a piece of my life where God has been working unceasingly and man… it hasn’t been easy, but I have come this far because of Him – Jesus my savior! I have struggled with rejection in many layers and countless situations since a very young age. The biggest of all was probably facing rejection as a daughter, by the man who raised me and gave me everything; the only earthly father I’ve ever had- not by blood but by choice – my step-dad.

I am so open in sharing a bit of my story because I want to tell you, whoever is reading, if you are facing rejection in any area or ever have, it is well! His love for you is deep. He chose you over death, and He would do it a thousand times again!

Accidentally bumped into the truth

For weeks the thought of rejection was re-emerging in my mind and the enemy almost sold me the idea that if my own dad and my step-dad rejected me, everyone and everything else would do the same – what a lie! But I accidentally – not accidentally, because everything happens for a reason – bumped into this verse today in my quiet time, “So keep coming to him who is the Living Stone—though he was rejected and discarded by men but chosen by God and is priceless in God’s sight.” (1 Peter 2:4 TPT) I was lost in the thought, reflecting on the words of the verse for a while, as if I froze in time and was transported to the time when Jesus was mocked, beaten, and rejected! HE WAS REJECTED!

Our true status: Daughters of the King

The son of God… rejected by men but chosen and loved by God! WOW! This verse came in the right moment and at the right time; it was a slap to my flesh but fresh and soothing to my spirit!

It was a reminder that we are chosen over and over again, that rejection is a name that does not alter our true status: I am a daughter of the highest King; He is my Shepherd and I lack no good thing! (Psalms 23:1)

Key points

As you go through this week, ask the Lord:

  • Is there anything inside me hindering my growth in Christ?
  • Are past situations or afflictions emerging again? If so, how do I tackle them?

Prayer for the week

Thank you Lord because I am chosen and not forsaken. I ask you to reveal if there is anything hindering my mind, my heart, or my spirit; I release it and give you total control. I pray that you sink me in your love and show me how to nurture it. Amen!


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