No Excuse To Be Bored

I heard someone once say they were bored of life, and I couldn’t comprehend it. I thought about it, and my heart just said ‘no’ to that statement. As a child of God, there simply is no excuse to be bored. God is dad, right? And He’s got so much he wants to get done on earth, it’s exciting — it’s overwhelming. A question I pose to you: Does an exciting dad ever have bored children?

I think of Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby show. He was an arguably a fun dad, with much going on around him. His kids were never bored. I don’t remember ever watching an episode where any of them complained about boredom (correct me if I’m wrong). Even baby Rudy had business to take care of. Cliff fostered his kids’ lives in a way that there was always something to do…Much work to get done with an exciting dad.

I take myself as an example. I have a full time job that God has provided for me to do this season. He’s also shown me some things about what He created me to do on earth, so I invest time developing myself in those areas. I also serve at my church. Then, there are things God has put on my heart to do for now, like this blog (I call them my passion projects). Even more, there are areas that I just personally desire to grow in. I also have my basic needs – sleep, eat, rest, play. At any point in time, I could be doing any one of these things. No excuse to be bored, right?

You might be wondering if it really is true that I am never bored. In the larger scheme of things, yes. I’m never bored. But see what happened at a point when something was a little off. I was working on a project at work some time ago. On a morning drive to work, I prayed in the Spirit all the way through. And when I was done, the first thing I blurted out was: I am bored of what I’m doing [at work]! Strange thing to say right after prayer…

I had been on the project for almost a year and things had gotten down right monotonous. I believe that prayer opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to switch gears quick. I set out looking for the next project, trusting God for an opening. One morning when I woke up, I heard ‘Master Data’ in my heart. I wasn’t too sure what that meant at the time. But a few weeks later, I got a call from the lead on a Master Data project looking for a new person to join the team. Problem solved.

So my statement still stands – as a child of God, I should never have a dull moment. Even if something gets a little off, there’s a solution in God to get back on track – No excuse to be bored.

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