”Cross The Mountains” with Lucia Bracho


“Hey, mama!” A voice rings out from across the church lobby, a sure sign Lucia Bracho has entered the building. Known by her friends as Lucy, she is equal parts kind, compassionate, and full of South American playful sass. Rarely seen without a grin on her face, the former Miss Congeniality’s spirit packs a punch like no one else’s.

Lucy was born in Venezuela but being the daughter of a military man, her family traveled and she lived abroad for much of her upbringing. She studied modern languages at the Central University of Venezuela and she is a polyglot, fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. More than linguistics, however, her passion for music and songwriting is the most powerful influence in Lucia’s life: “I sing all day, every day. It’s how I communicate with God.”


A former beauty pageant competitor, Lucia believes that love and beauty grow from the inside out and that it is vital to love yourself as you love others. How can you love on others if you don’t love yourself first? “My heart is burning for women. I see a lot of women struggling with identity and not happy with their skin. They’ve misplaced their value,” she says. Thus, Love That Grows Within was born. Lucy hosts a weekly podcast and she regularly releases devotionals on her blog. Love That Grows Within seeks to equip, empower and reaffirm women’s identities in Christ, for those of this generation and of generations to come.


She now resides in Chicago, Illinois where she leads a life group and serves on the worship team at City Church Chicago. She released her debut single “Cross the Mountain” on October 10th at RISE Conference. Lucia’s hope for those who hear the song is that you find hope in knowing there is no need to climb the mountains before them. Jesus has already paved the way, He is within you on the journey, and all you need to do is cross; a valley of peace awaits.

Her first single is available in all major streaming platforms! You can listen to Cross The Mountains here:

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Instagram: @lubracho

FaceBook: Luciabracho

YouTube: Lucia Bracho

Watch her promo video here

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