Chronicles of a Bride to Be

A little less than a year ago, I was a few months shy of getting married. I was becoming a bride. In the middle of the planning, I was inspired to write words about the journey to get there. Now this month, a year later, I share.

It’s late evening. I take a deep breath as I settle my mind to write, thinking about how to write these precious words. As I look down to my left hand, I toggle the diamonds that now rest on my ring finger. I am just a few months shy of getting married to the only man I have ever loved; and these days, I muse on the process it took to get here.

Not too long ago, I had shut the doors of my heart to love and threw away the key. So I thought, anyway. Now, I find myself getting ready for my soon coming wedding date. I was not the girl that allowed herself to dream about Prince Charming and that fated day when he’d come to sweep me off my feet. These days, when many are more interested in exploring options and fantasies, it’s a bit hard to remain a dreamy romantic.

A friend once asked me what this process, from being single to “taken,” has been like, and I told her that it’s been a journey of faith. My response may not thrill the emotions, or leave many gasping for more. In our world of steamy, romantic movies with mouth watering rendezvous, you may need a little more than that to get excited. But the plain truth is, my journey – our journey – is written by an author that no Hollywood writer can fathom.

Our story has been very Christ centered. I realize that this is a rare, and possibly divisive thing to say. But the only image I can paint is the reality of my experience. And it’s a picture that Cosmopolitan, Sex in the City and the like have never been able to paint. It’s something much deeper, and much more fulfilling. That’s the best way I can describe it with few words.

Like any other experience where two uniquely wired people get into a committed relationship, we’ve had our share of fireworks and potentially dangerous explosions. We’ve had the moments when your heart whispers, “This is right,” as well as the moments when your emotions scream, “what in the world is going on here?!” I’ve learned along the way that Jesus is very relevant to the ups and downs.

I desire that as you read, you will see how real Jesus is to the romantic area of our lives. This area that most often tends to be bruised, and stained with lies that lead us astray. I laugh to myself as I write, because I realize that there may be a reader who sees ‘Jesus’ and ‘romance’ as polar opposites. Hopefully you’ll have a change of mind.

I especially desire to speak to the lady who has stopped dreaming when it comes to love. The one who puts out a front of being just fine. But inside, her heart deeply longs for more than words can express. I was once in your seat. I hope you let my words water your heart.

Until Later,


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