Chronicles of a Bride to Be: God Moments

Continued from Chronicles of a Bride to Be: The Makeover

A few weeks after I met the man I would eventually marry, he walked up to me with an innocent smile and said to me, “For some reason, I feel very connected to you.” We hadn’t been talking or seeing each other. At that point, our interactions with each other were merely “hello” and “good bye.” This was about three years before the thought of being in a relationship ever came into either of our minds. This was well before I had the makeover that changed my heart.

I found a very sarcastic way to change the topic and exit. And after that, I avoided communication with him beyond more than a few minutes. I had thought in my mind, “Oh great…another player.” A little harsh, I know. But how do you respond when someone you barely know says something like that to you? Not only that, but how do you respond to that when past experience has falsely taught you that most guys are only out for the game?

And this guy; he just wouldn’t stop. In passing, he would say things like, “You are a creative spirit, just like me. We are meant to work together.” I ignored it all, refusing to get excited in case I got disappointed. Does that sound familiar?

I know now that I had misjudged those moments. Unfortunately, I had translated them with a bruised heart and blind eyes. I had called them nonsense when in reality, they were “God moments.” Moments when something very telling of what your future holds happens right before your eyes. Years before we ever got into a relationship, my now love and I had a couple of God moments that we now realize were pointers to our present. Truth is, at the time that they happened, we both had too much going on in our hearts to see them as such.

I had allowed past heart breaks to cloud my judgement about the opposite sex, so I wasn’t ready to see ‘The One.’ I was stumbling in the dark and that’s just where the devil loves to play! Because in the dark, he can sneak lies into our hearts without us knowing. And it takes God’s involvement to wipe them away so that we can see clearly.

This is why my it pains me when I see ladies selling themselves short for a man’s attention. I hear it a lot. “I just want something real.” “I just want real love.” So they move from man to man trying to find it. The truth is, you don’t need to see a slew of guys to have real love. The only man you need to see is Jesus. And once you see him, you have everything. Once you see him, you experience all the God moments that will take you to the love you desire.

That morning when I had the makeover that changed my heart, I saw Jesus. And after that, God moments came like rapid fire. It was a new year – 2014. My now love and I were part of the few people left at our church and he needed a ride home. I kindly offered. Me being the fashionista I am, I had stiletto boots on even though the streets were paved with winter ice. He had to hold my hand as we walked to the car so I wouldn’t fall; and as he held my hand, it simply felt like home. As we spoke during the drive, it just felt like home. God moment.

A few days later, we were on the phone sharing our life goals for the new year. After we hung up, I thought to myself, “Well that’s funny…we have the same goals.” Another God moment. I remember yet another day when I watched as he played the drums at our church, I thought to myself, “Well why today is this guy starting to look extremely attractive to me?” Had I been blind all along? God moment.

Then came the fated project developing creative material for our church. I had initially scheduled both a male and female artist to develop the material, but they bailed at the 11th hour. My now love and I were the only ones available to substitute. So we spent the evening creating art and gabbing like two little kids over our drawings. That evening, two acquaintances became friends. MAJOR GOD MOMENT.

Eventually, almost 3 years after our first God moment, my now love expressed a clear intent to get to know me – a ‘follow through’ that I’d never gotten before. He had said, “If you’re open, I’d like to take you out.” This time, he met me with an open heart…and I dared to say yes. I forgot about the past disappointments, and trusted the nudges of a major God moment in my heart. So I just said yes.

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