Ok ladies, gather round. You’ve been wondering about me this whole time. You’ve been thinking, “Who is she with?” “Who could it possibly be, and what’s he like?” I won’t leave you in the dark any longer. I am unsealing my lips…Let me tell you about my Love.

My Love specializes in makeovers. When I met him, I was in a bad state. I was in a pit, covered with depression, loneliness…some bad habits. But my Love looked past the dirt and lifted me up. He gave me a new foundation, put some color in the right places, and drenched me in a new fragrance. He was a knight.

My Love is highly protective of me. Don’t get me wrong, I am free to play, free to make friends, free to do business; But indeed, my Love is always watching over me. He is very aware of those who want to harm me. So if that just happens to be you my dear, be careful. Your end will not be pretty. He said that, not me.

Sometimes, my Love likes to hide himself, just so that I will stop everything and go after him. You see, he is not just buff and tough…he’s also got a sensitive side. And every time I seek him, I find him for sure. When we get into our secret place – the place where no one but us two sees – he speaks secrets into my ear. Secrets that I can’t tell just anyone.

I will admit that at times in my weakness, I fear that I could disappoint my Love. I fear that I could fall back and crash right into another pit. But yet I am determined to please. And I remember he is the one who is able to keep me from falling. Not only did he pick me up, but he will also keep me standing up.

Here’s something sweet about my Love. He looks at me and thinks I am absolutely beautiful. Even if I age, my waist line expands, and gravity shows its marks on my body, he will still look at me and think I am absolutely beautiful. My Love is committed to me. Bare bodies and loose women don’t move him.

Let me tell you straight up, though. Being with my Love has its requirements. You’ve got to be a warrior, just like he is. And you know what? He wins all my battles for me. I just need to put on my armor. My Love is mighty, and sure enough, he likes his woman to be bold too.

Oh, did I forget? My Love is RICH, honey. All the gold, all the silver, all the diamonds on the earth are His. Everyone you see with gold is just borrowing it for a little while. But my Love has got it all in his hands. Yea that’s right, He’s packin!

My Love is Lord over all the earth. He is the Almighty God, and King over all Kings. He’s the army General. Yes sir, you better Salute!

Though I would like to, I could not be selfish and say my love cares only for me. If you are willing, He will visit you, set you apart, raise you high, and love you just the same. In fact, he already loves you that much. You just need to respond back to Him with your love and oooohhweee! There may be bumps and potholes on your journey to get to the end, but the rest is Sweet

The invitation is open, my dear.

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