I am cleaning my room; I lift my laundry basket over my head with no stress
I stop and think to myself:
There was a time I couldn’t do that without my muscles feeling sore
Lord I thank you  

While making dinner, I’m hauling heavy pots, and standing on my feet the whole time
There was a time I couldn’t do that without losing my breath, eventually giving up
Lord I thank you
I hurry up the staircase, running and skipping steps while I’m at it
I look back at the steps. There was a time I had to lean on the banisters to drag myself up
Lord, I thank you

I am feeling energized, and I think, “yes! I feel like myself today”
There was a time I constantly felt imbalanced: Legs limp, body lob-sided, emotions edgy. Side effects, they said

Lord I thank you

I make a fist with my hands; I open them, and watch the blood flow beneath the skin on my palms
There was a time they were yellow and lifeless. Anemic, they said.
Lord I thank you
I test my feet. I rub them together and feel their warmth.
There was a time they were ice cold, lacking blood flow
But you supplied your blood where I was scarce
Lord I thank you

I look at myself in the mirror. The appendage from the hospital is gone.
There was a time I was forced to carry their tubes around on my body
Lord I thank you.
They were keeping them on me for an extended time. Just in case, they said.
But you sent your word, I stood on it, and they took them off no questions asked
Lord I thank you

I’m sitting at the doctor’s office. I watch him as he tells me things look really good

She wins. Glory to God!

With the same mouth he had said, “this could be fatal”
His colleague had given up on me
Another had said, “I don’t know what to do with you.” But you did.
Lord I thank you
I never thought I would lose my life. Not once, because I know your promises.
There was a time that the doctors’ words would have been my doom. But you saved me.
Lord I thank you

You healed my disease
And since then, you’ve been erasing every scar it left
Day after day after day…
Love, I thank you
All I can say these days is thank you.

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