It’s the season for just a little down time on my end. What I like to in times like this is drown myself in all sorts of music…positive ones, of course. They are good seeds for growth. I am going to be posting some of them on Cedars of Lebanon, for any curious ears. That okay with you?

I like this song because of the events that inspired it. Most importantly, because it inspires me to do more than the little I am doing. I posted one of Brooke Fraser’s songs a few weeks ago, about love and timing, and all those things that happen between man and woman. This is yet another song about love, but the kind of love that we are to show everyone regardless of their gender or their relationship to us.

On a mission trip to Rwanda, a country suffering the ravages of genocide, Brooke followed a native guide around the country, visiting communities at the very depths of poverty. Upon getting close with the guide, (whose name translates to “the God who sees me”), he allowed her to witness what she calls “a little peice of heaven on earth.” He took her a school and introduced her to a young, orphaned girl that he risked his life to save in the genocide. For Brooke, meeting this young girl translated the meaning of real love as sacrifice and risking everything. The young girl’s name is Albertine.

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 Watch Brooke speak about Albertine

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