Here I am again. Wanting to be close, wanting to be near. Here I am wanting to place my head on your chest and hear your heart beat. And hear your heart’s desires….for me. I want to hear, I want to see what you wrote about me, ever before I began to walk this earth. Ever before my parents embraced me, and guided my body with their arms as I made my first clumsy steps through their living room floor.  I want to know where you planted me, in your grand scheme of things.  

A song springs up in my heart….”pull me a little closer, take me a little deeper, I want to know your heart, I want to know heart” I second that. Even more, I want to be your friend. The one you can’t wait to tell your plans to before you ever implement them. Tell me. I’m all ears. I’m open. Do you think I’m ready for it? It keeps playing in my heart…“I want to know your heart…I want to know your heart.” I want your thoughts because they are the highest. I want your ways, your plans, because they are the most supreme. They won’t get me stuck, they can’t get me in a rut. I want your ideas because they make me secure, they make me confident. When I have them is when I am the most bold…Because I know they are right and perfect. “Pull me a little closer, take me a little deeper…I want to know your heart….I want to know your heart.  


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