27 Reasons Why I Worship

A collection of devotional series for women

“It is good to praise the Lord  and make music to your name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night, to the music of the ten-stringed lyre  and the melody of the harp.” (Psalm 92:1-3 NIV)

“Why do you worship Lucy?”, I have gotten this question asked to me a couple of times; I even made this question to myself. It was in my quiet time with Jesus that I asked Him, “Why do I worship you? What’s my motive?”

Recently, I was asked what was the thing that ignited me, I undoubtedly replied ‘Jesus’. Why I worship Him? Simply put, He loved me -like a lot-to picked me out of my mess, cleansed me, polished me, nurtured me and believed in me when everything and everyone else-even myself-failed.

He is my Abba-Hero! I wouldn’t be seated in front of my computer right now in the city of Chicago if it weren’t for Him. My entire life, I’ve never felt more whole or complete as I feel today; In my 27 years, I have come to experience freedom, completion, and wholeness in Him.

In honor of the 20 + 7 years, I want to share a bit of me with you and tell you ALL about my love for Him.

Here are 27 reasons why I worship Jesus:

The Beginning of the Start

The Bible says,” I thought of you before you were in your mother’s womb” (Lucia’s translation) And, “I have plans of good and not evil.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

But I not always felt like that. I knew about Jesus since I was a kid (My Abu AKA grandma) taught me who He was, but it wasn’t until I reached the age of 16 that I gave my life to Him. I opened up my life during an altar call, surrounded by bricks, cement bag, and the congregation–I invited Him in, and I was forever changed.

Freshman in Jesus

It wasn’t until I entered college that I truly began the walk that we call Christianity. College years were awesome but were the most challenging and tough ones that a 17-year-old could have. It is true what they say, college changes you! In my case, God made His way to position me in one of the top 50 Latin American Best colleges, The Central University of Venezuela. The why I didn’t know, the how remains a mystery ( I wasn’t that witty back then) but He surely knew what He was doing.“His ways are higher than mine.” (Isaiah 55:9 KJV)   


My journey to the United States started in 2010, so Jesus’ plans for me. I never intended to live in the States, nor in Chicago-it wasn’t my favorite to begin with-but my feelings were the least of the worries for Jesus since He knew way ahead what needed to happen and when needed to happen. He is the holder of the Universe after all! For those who don’t know my heritage, I am from Venezuela, the country with the most beautiful women -they say- (nodding and grinning now.) I was coming for my usual summer vacay but God had something totally different in store for me; He made His way to send me to Chicago, He opened a way for me to stay legally in this country as mine is undergoing a dictatorship. You see, in my mind, I was going to stay maybe a year…two years max! Not in Jesus’ plan! Four years in, two family members lost, a break-up, insecurities, fear, loneliness and more, make a good amount of reasons I should probably feel hopeless-not when Jesus is in your corner. He never left me nor forsake me. (Hebrew 13:5)

  1. I worship Him because He loved me first.
  2. He gave me a name to be His representative.
  3. He left the 99 to go after me. (I got lost along the way)
  4. He gave me an identity.
  5. He gave me purpose.
  6. He anointed me with His oil of Joy.
  7. He filled me with His Holy Spirit.
  8. He redeemed me.
  9. He transformed me. (180 literally)
  10. He brought me out of Egypt and delivered me from bondage.
  11. He is my best friend.
  12. He gave me a voice to proclaim His goodness.
  13. He is my reason I breathe every day.
  14. He never fails.
  15. He is always there to pick me up. (with a hand, a hug or a tap)
  16. He is my best cheerleader.
  17. He can handle the latina throwing a fit.
  18. He believes in me when I often don’t.
  19. He encourages me to be better every day.
  20. He challenges my character every day.
  21. He corrects me when I am wrong.
  22. He tells me the truth, even when I don’t like it.
  23. He gives me another chance to do it right.
  24. He is very-extremely patient with me.
  25. He doesn’t quit on me.
  26. He makes me smile.
  27. He saved me.

For these and many more I choose to follow Him!

He is all I want, He is all I need!

“Let Him run beside you with everlasting joy, in an eternal pursuit.”

-Lucia Bracho

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