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Welcome to God Culture.

The God Culture Blog and Magazine covers topics such as creativity, church, and culture. We like to address issues surrounding the intersection of faith and culture. Our mission to take the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth through creative expression.

If you have a cool story idea or a blog and want to share articles on our platform, send us a link @ submissions(a)godculture.com

We have four main columns: God, Lifestyle, Creativity, The Arts, and other special sections.

Our God section explores topics around faith, vision, relationship with God, the church and more…

The Lifestyle focuses on daily life issues, excellence, finances, careers, vision, purpose…

The Creativity section highlights new tech, innovation, ideas, music, fashion, arts, TV, etc

Our Church & Culture section explores the inter-influence of the church in popular culture and vice versa, creative ways the gospel is being preached, news on matters that affect the church, controversial topics, etc.


Submissions should come in a Word document with your name, photo, and a very short bio.

We do not pay for articles but we do give a love gift when we specifically ask for writing on a specific topic/ idea. Always double-check spelling and grammar before submitting. We will edit articles for grammar, style, and tone to match our standards.

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